My dad, 94, is in assisted living. He’s in a wheelchair most of the time. He can walk, but is not very stable. Several times he’s fallen.

His last fall was 2 weeks ago and he scratched his glasses pretty badly. He’s probably not had an eye exam in at least 10 years.

He wants to go for an eye exam. Have you had any experience with taking an elderly person in a wheelchair for an exam? I don’t know if there is a way an eye doc can examine someone’s eyes in a wheelchair.

I’m going to call my eye doc tomorrow to see what they say. If you have any suggestions that would be great.

His health is pretty good otherwise

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Dad's were done in his wheelchair.
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Thanks for all your responses. I called today and they said they ha e a room set up just for wheelchair access.
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I agree that they will figure out some way to get him in the exam chair for the test. I am thinking they will use those drops to dilate his eyes while in his wheelchair (my ophthalmologist make me wait 10-15 minutes to dilate) and if he can transfer his CG can get him in the exam chair. Work with your dad’s determination to get his eyes checked and make it as positive as possible. It’s great that he wants to go - half the battle is won! Sometimes when elderly folk are in a doctor’s office they accommodate the doctor’s wishes as they think the good doctor knows all (grrr) but it seems to work. 
I would discuss your dad’s needs with the doctor’s office staff in advance. I am sure this isn’t their first rodeo working with his situation.
Good luck! You are awesome taking such good care of him.
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Working as a nurse in a hospital, I can tell you they will definitely find a way to do the exam. We have done more complicated tests for patients who can't even get out of bed. If he can get in a wheelchair, much less walk, he is already in better shape than most 94 year olds. The machines are often on a swivel so he may not even have to get out of the wheelchair but even if he does, he won't have to travel far at all. Tell your dad congrats on being so healthy for his age.
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If at a doctor's office, it might require a few nurses to help him from a wheelchair to the chair he'd sit in for an eye exam.

I'd call his optometrist or ophthalmologist's office and ask how they would handle this kind of transfer from wheelchair to exam chair.
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