I have been my Mother's guardian/conservator for just over a year now. I did EVERYTHING the Probate Court required to provide to ugly step-sister which was a spreadsheet regarding all the past due bills I was paying from a POA I setup (I know exactly how a POA dda works & penalties if you don't follow), but she wanted copies of all the invoices too so she could check my homework! Really? I know more about banking issues etc than she does trying to write a properly composed sentence and she's an elementary teacher, I think the University just wanted to get her out of their hair. Her attorney stated to mine that I keep quite in depth detailed records BUT she has advised her client that since there was not a prenup signed and the property is Mom's sole/separate that my stepfather did not have to pay the 50% community debt per the state of AZ. What couple is going to sign a prenup at the age of 60+ yrs and her daddy came into the marriage with 1st marriage wedding china and the clothes on his back. If it were not for my Mother, her Father would still be living in a mobile home in the middle of the desert. After a year of fighting her, I filed for a divorce on Mom's behalf to save her assets from these ever so DIABOLICAL, yet claim to be so Christian from taking what belongs to my Mother by Law. When a person starts a conversation with "what happens to the house if your Mother dies before daddy"? She even went to the Recorder's office to make sure daddy was or was not on the deed to the house!! Now she has signed for the acceptance of service but will not release or answer until she becomes daddy's Guardian/Conservator. I plan to be there with guns blazing so the Court will appoint a Professional Guardian/Conservator. She has already stolen more than $30,000 from Mom a year ago and now will try to claim spousal support because daddy doesn't have any money nor an estate to pay for his care like Mom does. SHE CASHED OUT 2 WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES MOM WAS BENEFICIARY AND OMG, THE TOTAL CASH OUT COMES CLOSE OR MORE THAN THE 1ST $30,000 SHE STOLE. The insurance company never sent notice to me about it. Now EVERY SINGLE STATE MY HUSBAND AND I HAVE LIVED, EVERY SINGLE POLICY OR CASH OUT OF 401s ETC, I HAD TO NOTIFY HIM AND VISE VERSA BY SIGNING THE NOTIFICATION AND SENDING BACK TO THE COMPANY.

Any professionals out there who are willing to help me go after this spawn of Satan? I have records of the fraud she has committed prior, even trying to use Mom's ID to be placed on the now closed checking as well as wire fraud using Mom's ID to open an on-line portal to transfer money from that account she was not a signer to an account she is a signer.

I WANT TO BLOW THIS WOMAN OUT OF THE WATER SO BAD I WANT IT TO GO UP HER B***. I have 2 attorneys & planning to go back home in the next few weeks to get a plan together for the guardian/conservator hearing. Any suggestions will be taken into mind to present to my attorneys.

Elder abuse for financial gain is most definitely on the table. She had the audacity to have APS investigate me!! WHAT A JOKE! Like I want to go to prison, I let other family members do that including hers.

I still haven't received the 50% owed from her for the taxes owed I had paid out from Mom's Trust money nor ANY OF THE COMMUNITY DEBT. SHE HAS NOT PRESENTED ME WITH THE NOTICE TO INTERESTED PARTIES FOR THE HEARING. Please, I don't want to hear any need to forgive or whatever; this is my Mother and EVERYTHING SHE WORKED HER B*** OFF FOR HER LATER YEARS. My job is to protect Mom from persons like this as well as others.

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Once you have eradicated the spawn of Satan, what happens to Satan - that is, your stepfather?

You may not care. You may genuinely believe that his daughter doesn't really care, either; though I have to say she's putting in a lot of effort for someone who's just trying it on. But presumably at some point your mother DID care. This is her husband you're separating her from so that you can ship him back to his desert trailer.

And, the actual problem for you: the courts will care. I wouldn't dream of suggesting you forgive, forget and feel the love; but do try to stop violently hating them all just for long enough to give that point some level-headed attention. The court is more likely to listen to your arguments opposing her application if they are based on constructive reasoning towards an equitable goal rather than naked loathing of the devil and all his works/offspring.
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dkentz72 Jun 12, 2019
I think you may have misinterpreted what I had said.
God broke the mold when it comes to my stepfather. As I said, material things are not important as God will provide. We 4 stepkids ALWAYS called our stepfather when we needed deep prayer because he has the direct line to God. He and my Mother were high school sweethearts, engaged and then the Korean War separated them, Mom met my Dad, married, had 4 kids, 36 yrs later divorced, stepfather's wife passed, Mom's cousin told him Mom was single, got back together, married for 26 yrs, only recognize one another and the dog, all 3 are together in assisted living.
I know what will happen with my stepfather, #1 spawn of Satan has petitioned to have LIMITED guardianship just to go to divorce court, try for 4t/5th time to get Mom's money, require spousal support, ask to have Court forgive the $50.000 currently owed to MOM'S ESTATE, then drag him kicking/screaming with her to MI. Then upon the separation of Mom/stepfather, both of them will decline rapidly in health and die.
I am praying that the Court will listen to me and appt a professional guardian/conservator. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen children like his take FULL ADVANTAGE of his mental state.
Stepsister had me reported to APS because I withdrew the money for the POA, UNDER LEGAL MEANS, by telling the bank I didn't tell her 1st. I didn't have to but I did. She made all the decisions about in-home care WITHOUT my knowledge until I received emails from the owner. SHE gave Mom's account info so the fees could be debited for payment. Gets pissed at me for stopping everything, takes over 65% of the money by having daddy just sign his name on a piece of paper he didn't know what it was for, has Mom's ID info, opens an on-line portal to an account she is not authorized, transfers $$ to cover the 1st month rent for assisted living which she was to take from the money she stole.
So, who do you think really cares for my stepfather and my Mom?
Sorry to sound like I'm being a beach, but I'm suffering medically, losing my hair, gaining weight, tired constantly, having to fight this @#$&*! so my thyroid has decided to leave the building....again. I constantly worry about them and the dog. I promised Mom I'd take care of her and that means I watch out for my stepfather, but I can't do anything legally about it except to mention my concerns to the doctor and director of the group home.
I'm sorry that you aren't getting the suggestions you wanted. It's so complicated, and you are so angry, that it's hard to come up with anything constructive. Once it gets to legal proceedings, the 'relationship' suggestions don't seem relevant any more. Best wishes, Margaret
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If she forged your mom's information and represented herself as your mom and anything was done through the post office (mailing anything) she could be charged with mail fraud. I would also ask about identity theft if she did this.

I am in AZ and I am sending you a private message.

Quick question, does she care for her dad? I assume he is getting SS. She could be cutting off her nose ALTCS has strict dollar rules and she could make him ineligible for assistance.
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dkentz72 Jun 11, 2019
Way too about her dad?! His 4 kids haven't seen him since last Father's day. I check with the caregivers every month, I let the PA know what I saw when I've been home even though he's not my Father. Now she has a hearing in AZ to become his limited Guardian JUST for the divorce I've filed. This "person" (I use this term loosely when it comes to any of them) with her attorney's help has circumvented ALL THE RULES required while her attorneys have THREATENED me because I would not provide Mom's finances.
NO, none of his kids care. They are all looking for a big pay out.
Being that you're in AZ, you KNOW the Community Property/Debt laws. The poor dear doesn't have the money to care for Daddy, she owes Mom's estate a grand total of OVER $50.000 NOW!!
Bet you can't guess what she is going for with the divorce and the 1st 2 don't count...…SPOUSAL SUPPORT!!!!
She is still wanting 50% of the 1 and only joint account LOL!!
Her 1 attorney (Bevins PLLC) is supposedly an expert regarding ALTCS and said that the State would not go after Mom's sole/separate, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE'S KIDDING AND IT'S NOT ME. I do my homework and this was what the step-sister wanted from the get go.
I've checked with ALTCS/VA, he cannot qualify and attorney tried threatening me about widows benefits. Babe, my Dad, husband, Father-in-law were all in the military and I've had to deal with them, blow that sunshine up somebody else's B***.
I am truly praying that she has to ask her husband (Med Dr/professor of medicine) to get a line of credit against their McMansion. She'd have to ask her husband because they live in a Common Property State.
Step-father is a very sweet man. Loves God with all of his heart. He is a simple man, material things do nothing for him as God will provide.
His kids on the other hand, find the $$$ where ever one can.
Just like Scarlett O'Hara said, I swear that if I have to lie, cheat or steal, my family will never go hungry again. They have the lie, cheat and steal part down really well.
If you have multiple attorneys why are you asking the people here if they want to help you go after your step sister?

It really doesn’t matter who the beneficiaries of the insurance policies are. It matters who owns them. If her dad was paying for the policies, then he and his POA can cash them in whenever they want.
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dkentz72 Jun 11, 2019
I didn't ask for help, I asked for suggestions.
Very true about the policies, it has to do with financial forensics. Even though he owned the policies, the money to pay came from co-mingled incomes meaning my Mother paid for the policies 50-50. No way to differentiate between the 2. Since the premiums had been paid from co-mingled income means that the Community paid, hence the cash out is considered 50-50 BECAUSE they are still married and alive.
State Law prevails since their permanent residence is AZ which is Community Property/Debt. That POA she is using like Carte Blanche, the AZ Probate Court told both she/attorney that it does not hold water as it falls under AZ law.

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