We moved 6 yers ago. Then my Dr. was 15 minutes away. Since we have moved he is 45 minutes away. We have to drive in heavy traffic to get there and we want a Doctor that is closer to us. We are running into a problem that we do not know what to do about. All the Doctors close to us say that they already have their maximum of Medicare patients and are not accepting anymore. Can anyone suggest what we can do about this? We are in our late 70's and do not need to be driving in the traffic we are having to just to go to the Dr.

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Alternatively, if you like any medical specialists that you currently see, ask them for a referral. Specialists often have close “referral” relationships with Primary Care doctors. Even doctors not generally accepting new patients may make an exception.
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Medicare or Medicaid? I've never run into doctors who don't accept Medicare but I do know they often limit Medicaid if they take it at all. Do you have a supplemental as well? Maybe that's why this hasn't been an issue for us, mom has a good supplemental plan that picks up where Medicare leaves off. At least it's been pretty good so far... Anyway maybe your doctor 45 min away has a list or someone to refer you to or I would think Medicare should have a list of providers in your area.
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If one can budget to do this, chances are the VIP-MD [Concierge Medicine] group will have primary doctors that accept Medicare. Such a program would cost a person $1650 to $2200 per year to join. I know, ouch.

These primary doctors don't see as many patients during the day compared to those not in the program. Thus, there isn't that 15 minutes in and out rush when seeing a doctor. One's appointment is usually set for an hour. A patient can also get same day appointment. And the doctor is on call 24 hours a day.

The annual wellness test covers a vast array of testing, such as hearing tests, thinking ability, EKG, simple eye test, body mass index BMI, pulmonary testing, blood panels that cover everything, etc. If one had to go to specialist for each of these medical tests, it probably would reach the dollar amount one pays to be part of the VIP program.
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Yes, Drs do not have to participate in Medicare. Specialists in my area are backing out.
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Shane1124 May 1, 2019
This is my experience too in the Washington DC area. The reimbursement rate from Medicare/Medicaid is often low and the doctors don’t want to deal with the requirements for reimbursement.
“Medicare for all” should “fix” this (sorry, being facetious here).
I have that same issue. Since Medicare was gutted a couple years ago ... no doctors want to accept Medicare because they won’t accept the low payments.

I do do not have an answer. I also cannot get a doctor that will accept Medicare.
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