My husband has dementia, should I move him to another state?


I want to move him to Pennsylvania from South Carolina.

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My two cents -- based upon the info provided so far, I would move. To me, having family and friends for support is VERY important. A word of caution though, I believe that most of us on this site have seen family and friends back away from those who need care as well as those providing care. You might examine your expectations to see if they are realistic.
Dementia is a costly issue. Not the treatment, as there aren't any. But, as the dementia progresses, you MUST hire caregivers or place your husband in a facility. Both cost money. It is almost impossible for one person to care for the other --- individuals wander, have hallucinations, incontinence, etc. It is an exhausting situation. On the bright side, being closer to family and long term friends may give you a lift and a sounding board during the course of his illness.
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my husband is not working anymore ......he cannot drive anymore. the reason I want to move back to Pa: we do not have family here and we have friends and family there. My husband is not on Medicaid and my understanding, it is not available in South Carolina.
thank you for your response jn6777
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jna6777, I see in your profile that your husband still goes to work, is that correct? And that he has general age decline, correct? Is the dementia a more current issue?

Depending on his stage of dementia, if he is in a very early stage moving would be ok, that way he can still learn his way around the area. Are there relatives in Pennsylvania?

Is your hubby on Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]? If yes, then he will have to apply and be accepted by Medicaid in Pennsylvania. His Medicaid in South Carolina stops at the State line. Each State has their own programs, so you might want to compare the programs in both States to see which one offers the best for your husband.
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Could you provide a little more information about your decision? I ask, because, often moving is a tough decision and made when there aren't many other viable options. It's quite a big deal, especially, if they have physical and medical challenges, in addition to dementia. And if they are on Medicaid. Just a lot to consider.
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