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Debra1952. There are a few things that you can do in the future. And this will happen again.
Does he have a cell phone? Make sure that you can track his phone so you know where he is.
Does your car have On Star or other navigation that is push button activated? If so you can contact them and they can give you the location of the car.
There are chips that can be put in a shoe or worn as a watch and this will give you a location as well.
Notify the police as soon as he goes missing. You do not need to wait 24 hours this would be classified as an endangered adult.
last but not least..and most important...
He should not be driving. Or at least driving alone. Particularly in an area where there are temperature extremes. If he gets confused and leaves the car he could be in more of a bind.
Ad for you....
You need a support group.
Things will get worse.
You will be frustrated and angry and every other emotion for the foreseeable future. You need a group that can help you and support you.
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He drove and did make it back, but that was my next move. He left because I had some kind of conspiracy going on with his seeing a neurologist, he has never been diagnosed. His mother died at 70 after 9 years of alzheimers, he is 65 showing signs of problems last1 to 2 years, so I am guessing. He refuses to go to any doctor, ever. So........He has a 40 year old daughter in grass valley, we have been in las vegas visiting grandsons in my sons rental for one month, he as driven the 2 day long hot drive twice since we moved, so he has only been in las vegas 2 weeks, not in a row. But I can see this is going to be a pattern and we need move back to northern california so when he spins out in rage anger he is not driving so far. My daughter who had not seen him in a month was despressed over the changes in him. That my life. Thanks for your answer.
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Debra, I see from other posts you have written the other day that you were trying to decide whether to live in California or in Nevada. You had sold the house. And your profile says that your husband has Alzheimer's/Dementia. I assume it is in the early stages.

I assume your husband was traveling alone? Was he driving? Was he scheduled to fly? Did you move from the house to some place else? Makes me wonder if husband went to the old house, unless you are still there waiting to close on the house. What was your husband's purpose for being in California?

When was your husband suppose to be home? Has it been a few hours, a couple of days?

If you haven't had any contact with him in the past 48 hours, contact the police. They will proceed with a missing person's report.
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