No weight bearing on leg for several weeks, the nurses in rehab have to diaper him, he is mortified.

What are they using on him? If he had pull ups could he do it himself?
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Get an ugly nurse?.
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Do you know if it’s something in particular that embarrasses him?

Is it that the nurse is seeing his “manhood”?

That he is being cleaned up after having pooped, perhaps?

That he’s a grown man in a diaper?

or - just the whole bit?

It might help to develop an action plan depending on the specifics.

Also - if were me, I might take one
of the nurses aside - is there one he’s more comfortable with more than the others? - and ask her to ever so casually say something to your husband about it all - for example - during or after a change: “Ya know, Mr. X this is often the
most difficult part of a hospital stay for men with similar leg issues. I know it can’t be easy for you - but really it’s just a part of my job in looking after your care. Please don’t let it bother you, okay?”

Would that help at all?
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Ralph612 Apr 28, 2019
Great advice
I will be mortified someday when that happens to me too. Just give him love, distraction and kindness. Tell him how much you love him. How you are grateful for him in your life. Make him his favorite meal, watch a comedy, read him is favorite books. Make his sick time as fun for him as possible.
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You could tell him that other guys wear them to avoid having an accident and THAT IT WOULD BE EMBARRASSING!
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Ask about condom catheters if he can get enough help for the bowel movements - my dad used these after a fall
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Remind him that it is only temporary and when he can bear weight on his leg it will be over. Also, honey it is far better than having an accident in the bed.

I would also ask him if he would like a urinal to use during the day. Then implement it. This might help him feel better about the situation.

Terrible to understand the situation and not be able to do anything about it because of a medical issue.
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I get how he might feel, but, you could say what Ahmijoy said about what to say about the aids, it's nothing new to them. They do it all the time. I'd add that if there were no people who needed this service, these people might not have a job. They deal with grumpy people, agitated people resistant people, etc. I'd think they welcome a cooperative person who is pleasant and grateful. So, he can actually make their day if he so chooses.
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There’s an old saying, “You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” Seriously though, the aides and nurses do this all shift, every shift. It means nothing to them. It’s not a Peep Show, it’s just part of their job, as much as bringing a food tray, changing bed sheets or giving a bed bath. This is why nurses and aides are such special people. Tell him it’s not an affront to his manhood, it’s something that needs to be done to avoid infections and skin rashes. Tell him if he works hard at therapy, it will be over all that much sooner. 😁👍🏻
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OldSailor Apr 21, 2019
"The only time a woman can change a man is when he is a baby."
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