What response can I give my husband when he asks to reactivate his cell phone?

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He wants to reactivate the cell phone he had about 3 years ago which he gave up because he could not hear a thing on it due to his severe deafness - & he does having hearing aids. His argument is "what if I need to get hold of you when I go to coffee with my buddies?" I told him they would call me. But, when he gets a bee in his bonnet he will beat the subject to death!

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Talk to your cell phone provider about his deafness, they may have a model that can help him. Also try to get him to an ENT to check his ears for wax buildup. My husband walked around for two years thinking he was deaf in his right ear. It was all waxy.
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Google " cell phones for hearing impaired". I just did and a whole bunch of options came up.
Can he text?
Cwillie, we think alike....the best thing about a cell phone is you can text. All of my dear friends use smart phones because they only text.
There is always the possibility that his phone is already considered "out of date" & he'll have to get a updated phone (which is how the companies make money as they will tell you they no longer have batteries that fit it - this happened to me).
If you husband is out & about sure, get him a phone. Or you can always get one from Walmart where you pay for data as you go.
Absolutely have his ears checked for wax buildup. PCP's clean ears as well. 

If his phone is blue tooth capable he can look into getting a neck loop that will connect wirelessly to the aids.

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