Hello everyone. My mother is extremely hard of hearing, and having to shout answers to her questions over and over again (because of her loss of short-term memory) is about to drive me crazy. I recall that some years ago there was a type of board that children and others used that had a dark slab with a cellophane-like grayish plastic sheet over it, and if one wrote on the sheet using a non-leaded pencil, the written areas would stick to the slab, making the letters appear black against the otherwise gray background; the writing was "erased" by pulling up the sheet so that it no longer adhered to the slab. This would be perfect for communicating with my mother, but I haven't seen one in a long time and I can't remember what they were called. Does anything know what they're called? I hope they still exist. Thanks, Bob.

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Thanks, freqflyer and JessieBelle. I think I'm going to go with the Magic Slate and there's absolutely nothing to get messy and nothing to replace. I just need this when sitting by my mother's bedside. Her vision is still good so she could read this with no problem.
I appreciate both your help! Bob
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We used the white board with my father. They sell them, along with the special pens, in the school supply section of stores. They are very handy when someone can't hear.
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I remember those, I checked the Internet and found them.... Magic Slate. Looks like Amazon sells them.

You can also get what is called a "white board" where you use special black pen to write, and it can be erased. It is made in 5x7 or larger.
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