8 months ago hubby was diagnosed with EOA.

I feel like lately that he's back to normal and maybe even more aware than ever. Is this normal???


He did have all the testing that's available from his neurologist.

Even the kids have seen where he appears very clear and aware.

Help please.

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Thank you all for the comments.
No,it's not a problem... at all. We were devasted once he got the diagnosis..... there's still that thought in the back of my mind , that maybe the doctors were wrong. He had x-ray, Ct scan, MRI. Neuro -psych evaluation, mini -cog test and blood work.
He choose not to do any meds for now.
Doctor determined it was early onset Alzheimers.
Ive been told it's a heck of a roller coaster ride...
i just need some answers or guidance to as is this normal for a person to appear clear and functioning better in the last couple of weeks.
Only change is he took time off from work ...
Can stress play such a big part in Alzheimer's?
His doctor had told me to keep a list of all new symptoms..
is this something new? Is it common? Does thus happen before they regress/ progress further in their Alzheimers?
I just need someone to help or has had similar experience
thank you!!!!!😊😊😊
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Yes, what med changes has he had. A number of people have said they see a big change when statins (Lipator for one) are stopped. Was he given potassium. My Dads was low and caused depression until a dr. Prescribed potassium. Was he given a depression med?
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Is it a problem? I can understand that it is puzzling, and you would like to know what is going on. But do enjoy it while things are going well.
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Did he have an MRI that showed changes in his brain?

Did he have cognitive testing (neuropsych battery) that showed loss of reasoning skills?

Dit the neurologist have an idea what sort of dementia this is?

Has he started or stopped any medications since the diagnosis?

Have you brought these concerns up with a doctor?
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