We are getting a brain scan tomorrow.

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There is a genetic marker test. With early dementia the original poster should also consider taking the test but with counselling if the results come out positive.
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Early-onset Alzheimer's can run in families, and genetic markers have been identified that are responsible for it.

He needs a complete workup by both a primary care physician and a neurologist to rule out other causes of his memory issues, before a definitive diagnosis is made.

Historically, dementia has been around for a long time - and even dogs and cats get it! (They used to just call it "senility.")

Alzheimer's dementia is a chronic brain inflammation accompanied by beta-amyloid plaques and nerve fiber tangles. The inflammation starts years before the symptoms show up.

This process is not caused by too much aluminum in the diet.
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Regardless of the scan results...your father is obviously having mental problems he didn't have previously
A disease name & medication do Not a solution make. If you take the time to review the side effects of the meds most commonly prescribed for the dementias you will find that the side effects are the same symptoms as the problems they are designed to treat. ie..they make the symptoms in most cases much worse.
Alzheimer's is related to high levels of aluminum in the brain
Over many years, & continued use of aluminum containing products & water many grains hard, these heavy metals & inorganic minerals build up in the brain and the resultsis dementia (alzhimers is one of the types of dementia)
The following would be helpful to your father in my experience
Distilled water
for drinking & cooking (there's a booklet "The choice is Clear" by Dr Banik you can buy on amazon for less than $5 that will clarify)
Nettle tea
gives increase in strength & flexibility to the body. I have also had patients who's mental clarity has improved markedly drinking this tea
Juniper Essential oil
If your father, or caretaker or yourself rubs 5 to 10 drops of the oil just below the umbilical (area over the bladder) 3 times a day after he urinates.
This will strengthen the bladder nerve supply. And therefore improve his control over his urination
Use the oil 6 days, rest 1, then continue
I have seen very good improvements using Juniper Ess Oil topically for bladder control issues..even in infants with cerebral palsy who have little to no control over the bladder initially
You an also make a tea of the juniper berries...8 to 12 berries to a cup 3 cups a day
Aluminum Rich Products to avoid
1. deodorants (check the labels..there are plenty avail now that are Al free)
2. aluminum cookware. stainless steel or pyrex are preferable
3. Antacids...use AC vinegar with raw honey & a little hot water before meals daily
4. The following foods help to remove heavy metals from the body
Chlorella. Can be added to smoothies,& other drinks
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drooney Nov 2018
Alzheimer's Assoc research has totally ruled out any connection to Aluminium as a cause of this disease
It is possible, though it's not a direct hereditary link, e.g. not his sister. However, best not to speculate too much until the results are in. Hopefully he is getting an M.R.I. as the scan?
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you should really talk it over with the entire family. see what options you have. its very hard on the caregiver and their family.
my husband and i decided that i would move in with my parents.
it was tough but it was the best decision for us. mom and dad both had the dementia, incontinence etc.
if you have family it would be best to leave the person in their own inviorment so they dont get confused and hostile. this way hopefully the family members can chip in and give you a break.
it is very differcult on everyone in a family to handle this type of disease. especially if you have children. it only get worse not better and the children could be effected by this.
talk with the entire family. see who will chip in and help even if its for a few hours.
good luck and think it out before you make a decision you dont want to hurt yourself or family either.
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Please seriously consider whether moving in together is the best option. I have moved my mother in with me and I believe we do (did) have a great relationship but it is extremely hard, especially when they are declining. Personally, I wish I had looked at other options before jumping into this one. Best wishes in whatever you decide.
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It is possible, but try not to cross any bridges before you come to them. Who ordered the scan? - you might like to make a list of questions to ask that person when you follow up on the results.

There are literally dozens of causes and types of dementia of which Alzheimer's is only one. Early onset is comparatively rare. is a very good website for information about all forms of the disease, but please do also come back to AgingCare and let us know how you're getting on - you'll be among helpful, supportive friends.

Best of luck for tomorrow, hope it goes smoothly.
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Yes, if his Aunt is a blood relative. It is hereditary. You may want to think back and see if other members of your family have had Dementia. ALZ is hard to diagnois and it could have been thought to be Dementia. They are different. My grandmother and her sister had it. The sisters daughter and my Aunt and my uncle (her brother) had it.

If you suspect that he has it, have him see a neurologist. Testing can be done. The earlier the better. The Dr. will have a baseline and be able to see changes as the ALZ progresses. There is no cure, but there are meds that help. It will be better for him to know what is going on. It can be frightening for some.
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