We want to move our mother to a closer assisted living facility. She has dementia and is currently 40 minutes away. Her physician thinks it is a good idea. With that said, she has 5 months on her lease. We would like to move her ASAP. They are saying we need 60 days notice. We live in Michigan. She is presently in a assisted living facility. The care is ok, but a real big facility. We would like advice on terminating the lease.

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Jbovis031, if the Assisted Living has a "waiting list" for people who want to move in, the facility might be agreeable to cancel the lease in 30 days if they have someone who wants to move in right away [after the place is cleaned, painted, sometimes new carpet]. It wouldn't hurt to ask.

Otherwise, 60 days will fly by quickly, especially if there is a lot of packing, donating, and tossing out of things for the move.

By the way, how does your Mother feel about this move? Is she agreeable, or would she miss the friends she had already made.

I know what you mean about a "big facility". I previewed one that had a high rating, but it was the size of a large college dorm. The place was like a maze and that would have been too difficult for my Dad who was having memory issues.
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I found this link:
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