How would I find a senior care adviser who will assess current situation (home/health/financial etc)?


And provide recommendations/plan. I am trying to identify a professional that will advise or consult with my sister and me on assessing our 83 year old mother's current home, health, financial etc. situation and help identify areas where she could use help or may need help in the future and provide resources, recommendations and/or a strategy/plan. Our mother is currently living independently, but we anticipate within the next year or two she will need outside assistance of some kind. We are trying to plan in advance and be prepared. I am unsure if Senior Care Advisor is the correct term, but am trying to identify this type of professional in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Thanks.

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You can hire a certified Geriatric Care Manager. Do some research, I believe that these professionals will evaluate mom's home and her capacity. But an eldercare attorney and a geriatrics doctor are going to be your key advisors.
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Health? A long chat with her MD and be sure you accompany her to every appointment, take notes and keep copies of test results. You will need another, separate person for financial advice. Nobody does both.
Home care comes from written orders by the MD with approval and coordination by the Health Insurance carrier. You missed the open enrollment period for 2015, so you play catch up until the next enrollment period in November 2015 to arrange coverage for 2016.
You forgot to mention LEGAL. So important to do that too, with DPOA's Advanced Directives / MOLST and Health Care Proxies.
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