Lisa has late stage Alzheimer's and can no longer walk, support her own weight and has trouble sitting up in her wheelchair. All I can do for her now is make her comfortable, but am unsure how to do that. She is sleeping a lot and we put her in bed whenever possible. Should she be bedridden?

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First..and this is because it is me answering...Is she on Hospice? If not you should give them a call.

Now to answer your question.
Is it safe for you to get her up?
Is it safe for her when you get her up?
If at any time you feel that it is not safe for her or for you then she is better in bed.
BUT this can create problems. Does she have a good mattress that will help in preventing pressure sores? (Hospice can help with this)
Can you care for her if she is in bed full time? (Hospice can teach you and you would have CNA's and a nurse that would come in to help out)
When she is in the wheelchair is she comfortable, safe, secure? Does she have regular chair or a High back wheelchair? There are different types of wheelchairs. My Husband had a Broda Chair and it was great it offered support where a regular high backed wheelchair did not. Again Hospice can order different types of wheelchairs.

The decision to keep her in bed should be based on safety, both hers and yours and on her comfort.
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