My mom has dementia and lots of other health issues, cannot walk and is 80 years old, I’m disabled and trying to keep her at home, but she cannot get out of the chair anymore and I’m afraid she will fall. Please help us.

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I have seen lift chairs advertised on places like Craigslist. You might place an ad yourself asking for a donation.

I also agree with Cwillie. The controls can be a problem for people with dementia. Can you contact your local Department of Aging? There are lifts that you might be able to use at home to get your mom up. I believe Medicare will cover them under some circumstances. Look up or ask about lift transfers.

If her ability to transfer (get herself out of a chair/bed or on and off the toilet) is failing and you yourself have physical issues, I think you are going to have to consider other options for her care going forward. When our family member entered the nursing home she required two people to transfer her from a chair. After just a few weeks, she was again able to get herself up and down. They can provide a level of care with three shifts of trained employees that just cannot be replicated by one person at home.
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anonymous594015 Jan 2019
Tacy can you explain that a little more? Will Medicare help pay for a portion of the cost of a lift chair? I was talking about things like a Hoyer lift. I didn't know Medicare might help pay for the chair.
We have five elderly relatives we are trying to help and advise. One just bought a hospital bed and then found out Medicare would have provided it to him. Really, you don't know unless you ask!
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A lot of people seem to like their lift chairs but I would be cautious about using one for someone with dementia, even the simplest controls can be confusing. One of our former home care aides had many stories about them dumping her clients on the floor.
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