How to transport patient to and from bathroom who cannot stand and walk?


My wife has grown excessively weak in her legs. I used to be able to walk her to the commode and sit her down, but she says she cannot stand (intermittently, sometimes she can). I am helping her as best I can with my arms and transport belt, but if she will not even try to stand, what am I to do?

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My mother has been unable to walk or stand for many years. Our solution? Electric wheelchair. Don't worry, you don’t have to purchase a new one, there are many used electric wheelchairs out there for sale. Actually, we have gone through three used ones in the past 12 years of constant use.

This chair has given Mom her only independence in her life. Currently, she gets out of bed and to the chair and then the toilet and back. It does not sound like much to most people, but she was devastated when the last chair died. I put out an APB on social media and had another for her when I returned home for work!

Just a thought!
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GeorgiaJill Sep 3, 2018
By the way, we have only paid $200-$300 for each electric wheelchair.
Check internet for a commode/transport chair that rolls the patient from the bed and positions right over the toilet. It is great! No awkward transfers after sitting on the chair!
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Does a wheelchair fit into the bathroom?
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I am currently going throughvthe same thing. I take care of my blind 78 year old aunt who was just discharged from a long term nursing facility because said that she did not require the type of assistance which requirs LTC for her. Well the woman barely walks because she is afraid to fall due to unsteadyness. Thank goodness i have travel wheelchair it is the type with small wheels. I will have to make sure she gets her walking in another way. For now this is what what works. I hope this helps.
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Do you think a physical therapist could help show you and her exercises that would help strengthen her legs? Is it possible she has back/spine issues that interfere with her walking? My mom can not walk because of nerve damage. She has to use a bed pan or go in her Depends.
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Cannot or will not ? Is it due to fear or unsteadiness?
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