You need to get her "anti-strip" clothing for people with dementia:
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Tape them. I know if sounds bad, but it works. I would tape it around at the highest point, and go around three times and leave a little folded notch in the back so i could quickly release it later. Also, i used to put my mom in zippered adult(onessies) PJ's, but with the zipper to the back..she could never reach the zipper! The anti strip clothing for dementia is too expensive and cheaply made, you can get adult zippered PJ's at Walmart or Amazon.

Good Luck
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TouchMatters Mar 5, 2024
Very good idea - and very new idea to me. That's why this site is so valuable to all of us. Thank you. Gena
Maybe try putting regular underwear over them .
If that doesn’t work , they do have clothing , big onesies for adults with Alzheimer’s . I saw some onesie pjs on Amazon . Just type in “ onesies for adults with Alzheimer’s “.
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Tape down the diaper with duct tape then put a pair of bike shorts over it.

To remove the duct tape safely, get a pair or rounded-point bandage scissors and cut it.

Or you can put a pair of mitts on her so she can't tear at the diaper.
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Hi, we have tried putting normal underwear over it but she still does it. Onesies won't work as she manages to undress. Giving her less to drink in the second half of the day is another thing we tried.

My sister and i share the care of mum. With my sister doing the lion share and me stepping in when she needs a break. I try and bring mum over for 3-4 months at a time, I live in another country and have to fly over to bring mum to me (1hr flight, visa restrictions).
The reason I am mentioning this is, mum does much better in regards to incontinence when with me. As soon as she goes back to my sister, she goes back to wetting/soiling the bed. Mum by herself gets up to go the loo at night but either does nothing (sleeps on the loo), does her business without wiping herself nor flushing OR just does her business in bed. you can never assume with her.

I tried taking her to the loo 3-4 times at night, which helped me to keep the bed clean, but my sister can't keep up with interrupted sleep longterm.
And mum seems to sense that she "can" get away with this when with my sister.

I feel helpless when my sister tells me what mum has done.
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waytomisery Feb 22, 2024
If sis can’t keep , maybe time to hire a caregiver to come help out using Mom’s money , or consider memory care facility .
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My mom used to do that especially when her routine was disrupted or a new caregiver. Instead of diaper, put reusable bed pad, and disposable bed pad on top of it. Hope this will help
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You can tape the diaper. I have tried that, and it is a little cumbersome for me.
I use washable bed pads with a disposable pad on top. Or, in my case, since my husband can not get up out of bed on his own, I like to use two pads. When the top one is soiled, I can just roll it up and dispose of it, and there is still a clean dry pad under him.
Sometimes, I leave the diaper off, as I know he will remove it anyway, and let him pee on the disposable pad.
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Habibah: Obtain anti strip clothing. Of concern is that she "falls asleep on the loo," aka toilet. This could be deemed a fall risk if she rises up off the toilet and then tries to be mobile in sleep mode.
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They make a cotton panty with a pocket for a disposable heavy duty bladder pad will fit.Sometimes they just don't like the feel of the diaper against the skin.
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Can you put tight washable underwear over the diaper making it harder for her to get to it?
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