After hospital stay and then stay at rehab center, I will need some personal care assistance at home. How to select a good in home personal care company?

Where I live, even after rehab in home therapy maybe required. If so, then a therapist will see you 3x a week or so and you are entitled to an aide, mainly for bathing. Medicare paying for this. If you are going to need more than that, you can then fit in a private agency around this until therapy is done and then go fulltime. This is a question you can ask a discharge person.
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NeedHelpWithMom Feb 27, 2020

Yes, my mom did this. Recovery is better. The aides are included in the home health package. I started to suggest home health but thought her doctor would have recommended it. She can ask for it. Great suggestion!
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JMB, for my Dad I decided to go with a nationwide company that was on a list that the hospital had given me with names of care giving companies.

The Agency sent out a different person for each shift, and later Dad was able to choose which caregiver he liked the best to be on a regular schedule. For Dad, the person that worked best for him had a lot in common regarding their childhood, and had a great sense of humor.

The Agency was licensed, bonded, insured, and had workman's comp for their employees. The Agency sent out a Rep to interview Dad, found out his likes and dislikes, and in turn I interviewed the Rep.
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anonymous1026199 Feb 27, 2020
I love this!! That is my goal eventually once I decide to expand my business a bit. I think the agency giving him the option of choosing a caregiver that he prefers, is simply brilliant. It just makes sense to me and is a win-win. It also allows him to feel in control and/or part of the decision making process, which is so vital to those who need help - it's humbling, so by something many of may see as simple or "technical" (such as selecting a caregiver for our loved ones, for example) & in turn, nothing the patient should have to worry with, is actually extremely empowering to them. The ability to make a sole decision really does make a world of difference. Well done! You appear to be one who thinks "outside the box" so to speak & that's what we should do in such emotional, challenging, and serious situations...we need to explore all possibilities. Again, very smart of you in choosing an agency who offers this
There are plenty of agencies to choose from. Others work independently but be careful. With an agency they are bonded plus if you aren’t satisfied you can ask for a replacement to come out.

Best wishes to you.
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anonymous1026199 Feb 27, 2020
Agree 100%. I made sure I had my insurance and every single thing in place before proceeding not only as a small business but as a private caregiver. I want to make sure everyone is protected & offer reassurance. Strong point that you made - yes indeed, we always have the option to select someone else if we're not happy with the current care provided. So many feel stuck with who they originally hired, and so, I feel it's important to do what you did - point out that any of us have the ability and right to choose someone more suitable & we should.
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I can share my experience on both sides in hopes that it may only assist.
First, don't get an agency based on Google reviews, etc for example. Typically, I count on user reviews to gain insight and info; however, they will not give you objective, credible information regarding this profession, in particular. Prior to being under my care, my patient had an agency who was & is still listed as 5 stars & no negative remarks (2 employees voted in w/5 stars). However, the quality of care was poor, lots of no shows but the agency charged regardless, items were stolen, my patient was dropped, the hha's weren't trained nor aware of my patient's condition-the agency only sent the patient's name and address with a very generic & inaccurate description of what duties were to be done- the aides were always blindsided & had no experience to compensate for & in turn, adjust accordingly. Their agency states that they do background & fingerprint checks, aides are trained by them & certified, & other standards. However, the only requirements to work for them is 1) you're 16 or older, (2) present A Driver's license (doesn't matter whose. They just need one on record to document a "valid driver" is transporting patients & (3) insurance-again, doesn't matter whose. They just need something to file for documentation. The aides themselves provided me w/this info. Unfortunately, this is an extremely common problem.
On a more positive note though, I would join blogs, a neighborhood newsletter (I have an app for mine & it's an amazing asset, etc), & ask via word of mouth. I hire my employees based on the criteria I'd want if I needed assistance. I pay for fingerprints (these show everything), a drug test, talk with references, talk with the actual person in depth, explain that training by me is mandatory as is supervised care for 2 weeks prior to working w/a client, and I make sure they WANT to be in the profession-I think this qualification is underrated too often yet I find it the most "telling" regarding success for the aide & the client. With that said, I currently only have one employee, bc I vet applicants thoroughly & expect the absolute best. I refuse to send an aide out who "kinda knows what he/she's doing" just to make money.
I'm so grateful for my current employee - she and I cover a lot of ground while offering the best of care & we retain those clients. We love what we do & it shows. This is the type of person you or anyone seeking care deserves. I would say start with word of mouth from local people-they speak from first-hand experience and will happily refer you to someone they have used & were pleased with. If you haven't already, get an app like nextdoor or neighbors. You'll find your best advocates here & they respond immediately-they've either experienced what you're looking toward or still are. So, they can relate & in turn, offer factual information, insights, resources, and more.
I wish I were near! I'm looking for a new client as my long-term one has been discharged now that she's much improved.
Sending my thoughts and prayers your way. I have faith it will work out. Keep us posted 😊
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LesleeCares Feb 27, 2020
Congratulations on owning your own home caregiving agency and striving for excellence at every turn. While much of your critical assessments are true of some or even many agencies, there are a few truly outstanding companies. I work as a Certified PCA for one of them. Word of mouth is key and our agency receives almost all of its referrals that way. There is a nationwide shortage of quality caregivers in this industry. To be hired by our company however a person must have a VALID driver's license, VALID and current auto insurance, a VALID Social Security card, an excellent driving record, a clean background check, references from every employer the applicant has worked for for the previous three years, submit to frequent random drug screens, maintain current certification at a level equivalent to CNA and undergo rigorous in-service training throughout each fiscal year. Clients are able to choose which caregiver they feel most comfortable with and they and the caregivers are able to request a change to another caregiver or client at any time. 2020 our agency just received the Best of Home Care Provider, Best of Home Care Employer, Best of Home Care Leader based on responses acquired by an objective third party our company voluntarily contracts with to do objective evaluations. When I sometimes hear so-and-so "just does it for the money" I smh. What money? Yes we get paid, but without a heart for this work we could do 100's of other kinds of jobs that are less emotionally draining, require less training, don't involve interaction with bodily fluids and have better hours 😉 I love what I do. 🖤

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