My mother’s income falls into the “makes too much income to qualify for additional assistance.” I’ve heard of several things that can help with this, such as charging her for care, charging her rent, (we live in an apt and share the rent-we’re both on the lease) and disbursing her income in order for her to qualify for additional income. She is just over the threshold and would not be able to afford assisted living. What does one do in this case? Is the only option to bring her home and take care of her on her income? That’s also quite costly in the long term.

Margie, check with your local counsel on aging and ask for assistance to figure out what she qualifies for and if your state does Miller trust aka qualified income trust, these are not DIY so you will need to deal with an attorney. is the best place to find a certified elder law attorney in your area.

If she can not continue to live with you and needs facility care, board and care homes are cheaper than large facilities.

Whatever you do, do not take any of her money. Let the attorney guide you. In the event that she needs skilled nursing care long term you could endanger her ability to qualify for assistance. Starting now all her money goes towards her only. She pays her way and for all her needs, but no extra to you for you or to lower her assets.

Good luck, this is a tough situation to be in.
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She should be placed in a manner that she can spend down her income while it can last, and then move to medicaid, I would think. I would be very careful about her spending it on rental with you and so on, as that could come out very badly in qualifying for medicaid in future. So you should discuss this now with an elder law attorney. That starts the spending down right there, as it will likely run 350.00 for the hour's consult. But your best information will come from there so that she is protected and handles this the best way possible.
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