I have been following this site for a while because of my dad's massive stroke. He survived and is doing well physically although mentally he thinks that he is still in control. He is dominating mom and now questioning my trust although I am fully advised of my fiduciary responsibility that I am bound to based upon taking care of their bills. After all, I am a licensed attorney in my state. Mom is now "Daffy" and can't pay bills or administer medications to Dad. Mom has a PhD and used to be very independent but recently has been having short term memory problems that all providers seem to want to talk to me about whenever I take her to "take care of business." Best case scenario is that Mom is stressed or may have a UTI. Worst case scenario is that Mom is in decline (let's be honest, she is showing some decline like my grandmother and I have already asked her PCP to do a urine test to make sure that a UTI is not the issue.)

I have a brother who has now told mom that when I take her for her bone scan that I will put her in a nursing home... He is a lawyer too. I tell you all this because I truly believe that those of us who know better, ought to do better. He did not turn up today to respond to the restraining order that I had to take out against myself. He called my mother today and told her that she (expletive expletive expletive) is the cause of his problems.

He threatened my mother that if I took her to the doctor tomorrow that I would put them in a nursing home. Tomorrow's appointment is a routine bone scan. I am paying my parents' bills and am working toward narrowing the money that my brother can take legally. No matter what anyone accuses me of, I am committed to protecting my family from each other and federal liability. How has the community coped with oppositional family members who want to sow discord?

I view this as clearly a scare tactic, What do you in the community think?

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