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They have my dad on 25mg of Seroquel twice a day but his aggression is getting worse towards caregivers. The geriatric psych says she might increase it again.
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Thanks so much for the advice. Will check with dr about uti and sleeping pills.
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Been there. Wife suddenly became low cognition, combative, aggressive, violent, in 2006 at age 53. Day Care could not handle her. Geri-psych ward of university hospital could not handle her.
I have cared for her at home since 2006.

It is FTD which responds adversely to Alzheimer's meds.
The meds did nothing for the aggression and bent her over, permanently.

Physician suggested a med that would calm her to make the family's lives easier, but the med would shorten her life. NO!

Discovered cannabis edibles in 2013. No more aggression. No further decline.

It is not an Rx stupor.

Her memory is wiped and she cannot comprehend or communicate.
She requires full assist with every function.
She is compared to a 2 year old with autism and no new memory retention.
She is hand fed and hydrated continuously all day while she is bent over and pacing.

But there is more awareness and there is much laughter, every day.

RSO is administered 6 AM and 1 PM.

Edibles can take a couple of hours to affect, but lasts 5 hours and tapers to 7

Sleep is willing at 8PM. Seizures occasionally happen during the night.

Cannabis smoke is administered for immediate halt of seizures.
There is no Rx for FTD seizures.

UTI had been a major issue.
Ciproflaxin cured a long existing UTI overnight.
UTI has not returned since 2015.

She goes commando always, never panties.
Cotton only, skirts, shirts and bedding.
Washable bed pads for sitting and sleeping.
Accidents are rare because we schedule toilet every 2 hours.

We are thankful for the plant.
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Seroquel worked great for my mom, but there are others here that experienced the completely opposite effect as intended. For some Ativan works great, but in my mom's case it had completely the opposite effect as intended. That is what geriatric psych assessments are for, inpatient to get our loved ones stabilized while the doc's figure out the appropriate combo of meds that will work best for them.
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Have a Neurologist prescribe Seroquel..this is a must. Start on 25 mg twice in morning & one at night. Hugs 🤗
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There is no handling a person who may be coming at you with any sort of weapon or even his fists determined to do you bodily harm. You cannot reason with him. All you can do is hide in a room with a lock on the door and even that’s no guarantee of safety.

The next time he shows violent tendencies call 911 immediately. You need to protect yourself. He can be Baker Acted and sent to a psychiatric facility for evaluation. I know he is your husband and this would be a very difficult thing to do. But your safety is #1 priority.
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cherokeegrrl54 Apr 2019
Agree 100%!!! As someone who lived thru 70s and 80s with an abusive husband, back when it was all swept under the rug, now I would not even hesitate to call 911 immediately!!!! As always, Ahmijoy, you give excellent advice!!!
Btw, i have been single since divorcing that idiot and i intend to remain that way....i am much happier💖
Has he recently been checked for a UTI?

Call 911 when he is acting out so pros can see his behaviors. When at ER tell staff that they need to send him for a psych assessment and that he is a danger to himself and especially you. Call his doc.
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Have you talked to his doctor?

Have you considered having him admitted to a senior behavioral unit or psychiatric facility so that medications can be trialed?
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