My friend's husband was hospitalized last week in the VA hospital here. They said they will keep him until she gets him placed in the VA NH here. All good, except she has no idea of the financial responsibilities - how it gets paid for. She has very little SS, and I think a house; does have an inheritance of her own. Does anyone know how it will get paid for? I told her to call the VSO, and VA patient advocate at the hospital, but she's been getting the runaround.

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I'm passing this info on to her - thank you all!
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There are Veterans Assistance Commission offices an employee there would be able to tell her what he would qualify for.
Much of it depends on the % of "Service Connected Disability"
The Veterans Assistance Commission services are free.
It does take time. The good thing is that any benefits would be retroactive from the date that the application was filed.
Good luck!
I thank him for his service, and I thank her for caring for our Veteran.
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If they are looking for a spot they know what he is already qualified for.

Getting them to share this information can be challenging, especially since all hospitals are under staffed and pretty full. I would encourage her to make calls like she doesn't know what to do in the least and ask every person she speaks with how to get help, that seems to be pretty effective in the secular world, hopefully, it works for her in the government sector.

They will not leave her destitute as a community spouse, so reassure her that she will have enough to survive, she may even get part or all of his social security benefits to be able to live.

I would also call the social security administration and ask them questions.

Best of luck with all of this difficult situation. Your friend is very blessed to have you as her advocate.
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She needs to get the social worker at the hospital to get her a VA case manager to help her find out what he is eligible.
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