I looked, researched everywhere for a stipend as he could only pay me $500 a month.

Is there anyway I might be able to get some of this $ bc I am now out of work as he passed in September. He is was WWII Veteran, did get is Honesty Military Service burial at Jacksonville Cemetery.

How do I find out about this? I am broke.

Thank you,


I doubt it. There is Aids and Attendance that he could have applied for. Your County Veterans dept could have helped you find what he was qualified for. You could still try them.

At this point you may want to go to ur County Social Services and see if you can get help temporarily.
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Angela, I am so sorry. That I know of there is no way to get paid after the death of an elder. I assume that there were no assets left to your Dad and that he had nothing to leave family upon his death. I am so very sorry for your loss.
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