My 88 yo Mom is now spending most of her time in bed or asleep in her chair in the living room. She is no longer able to read, due to declining vision and inability to follow a written story of any kind. She will occasionally watch the news with my Dad. She seems to be losing her hearing as well, but I think that may be more cognitive than a true hearing issue.

When she was younger she loved all manner of games. But I’m at a loss as to what, if anything, might capture her interest.


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Music is a good pass time and is generally a favourite. Helping with daily chores to such as setting the table or folding laundry, or make work chores like sorting coins or organizing the silverware drawer. Game shows like Jeopardy or Family Feud are often easier to follow than a story with a plot, or those old variety shows like Carol Burnett. Some people really enjoy the social aspect of adult day care, and it gives the caregiver some respite too.
But yeah, if she seems content I wouldn't push her.
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I hate the answer I’m about to give you — but you might need to adjust your expectations.

It’s hard to believe that *this* is your mother, inn’it? So different from the person you’ve known for decades.

It does a number on us adult children.

The turtle routine is very, very common after a certain age. Or after a decline that produces multiple issues.

Is Mom moaning that she’s bored and lonely? If not, she’s probably fine with her resignation.

Granted, it does not make sense to those of us who still have some spring in our step. But it is what it is. (Sorry! I know that phrase is overused. But sometimes it really fits.)
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We have the same here.  My aunt likes doing a simple puzzle ( 100 pieces) with someone, and she can still play Go Fish.  She also likes to watch us cook, and enjoys looking at old pictures.  We've tried other things that did not work.  Of course, just as you figure out what works, she changes again.
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