My MIL is 89 YO and unable to move on her own. We have a hoyer lift but the problem is we can't get her pants and incontinence underwear off when she is in the sling. She cannot stand on her own and weighs 200 lbs. Any suggestions appreciated

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You place her on the bed.
Remove pants and disposable incontinence (pull up brief or tab type brief).
You then replace the sling and lift her to the commode.
I hope the sling you have is the type with the commode hole or one that has the two long pieces that you can cross over so there is an opening.
At this point it might be easier to just change her in bed and forego the commode.
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I am very sorry with this situation. I do not have a suggestion but I want to say that my mother is also 89 and weighs what your MIL does.

When people say let them eat whatever they want as they age I wonder if they can imagine dealing with this because this is just what I fear for my mother. I truly hope you find a solution.
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Grandma1954 Mar 1, 2020
My Husband was over 6 foot and over 225 pounds and I never had a problem with using either a Sit to Stand or the Hoyer Lift.
There are open backed slings especially designed for toileting Bmoss.
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