I am disabled. I have no valid I'd. I'm shut in. Walmart pharmacist has refused to fill my pain prescription even though they have filled it for 12 years. My doctor is slowly reducing and stopping a prescription I get thru mail. Walmart says I'm on too much. The pharmacy that will fill my Rx wants a valid picture I'd. What to I do? I'm desperate.

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Yes, a legal ID needs to be gotten from the DMV. I would call and see what you need. Explain your situation.

Opioids are being looked at very closely now. They were manufactured originally for Terminal patients. Have you talked to your doctor concerning the pharmacist? Do you go to a pain specialist? If not, talk to ur PCP. You may have to find another way to manage the pain.
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Do you know someone who will drive you to the DMV to get an id. My wife takes an opiod and thus has to see her pain doctor every 2 or 3 months to make sure she is taking it right, to see how she is doing and to write new prescriptions. In my state, you have to show your id to pick up an opiod.

Who takes you to see your pain doctor?
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The problem is the pharmacist at the Walmart pharmacy,where I have filled for 15 years. He has refused to fill my pain medication because HE believes my pmp score is to high. It's not that he can't fill my Rx, store policy and legally he can, he's refusing on personal grounds. Since I have not filled a Rx at any other location, the pharmacy (s) all require a valid picture I'd for opiod Rx's. I have discovered that this pmp calculator score will make it difficult to find a pharmacist that will fill my med. Additionally, they won't tell you over the phone. They will not make a determination until presented with the Rx and have reviewed on line what and if you have other Rx's I'm filling, including the DEA database.
I will say thank you for responding and be glad you aren't older, disabled & in severe pain in America.
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Check with your state’s DMV. If you are home bound and can’t go to the DMV to renew or obtain an ID, you may be able to get a field agent from the DMV to come out to your home to do it. Good luck!
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As I am in England and not USA the rules may be a little different?

Do you vote? Did you have to show an ID for this?
Can you get someone from your community or church to help you get an ID photo?
It is possible to get an ID form 'on line' but you would still need a certified photo.

- why is your doctor reducing your 'mail' prescriptions?
Does the doctor come to you? i.e. visit.
Or do you go to him?
Have you told him you cannot get what you need without an ID, and that you do not have one?

I am pushing this to the top so you can get advice.

Good luck
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