Would an individual have to file for Separation from their spouse, to be able to do so? Should a person hire a Lawyer to do so? We have some aging problems that may be best to do so. I would just like to know some of the options we as older people have.

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Sorry, I omitted your question as to an attorney's involvement. Other than advice on separation, the other issues aren't specific legal ones to address. But if your estate plans aren't in order, this would be a good time to ensure that they become so.

Generally, investigation and/or selection of placements isn't something an attorney would do, and you really wouldn't want to pay a few hundred dollars an hour for it to be handled by an attorney or paralegal.
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You really are asking 2 very separate but related issues.

The first, as to separation, is one which should be posed to a family law or matrimonial (f/k/a divorce) attorney. Legal separation would likely be governed by state statute, and would encompass a variety of issues that should be addressed well before any separation is considered. The financial aspects of this should very importantly be addressed as well.

As to AL, are your questions those of availability? Location? Amenities? I would make a list of issues and question, research online for AL facilities in your area, tour some (with a list of questions and issues you want to explore) before making any decisions.

Some AL facilities have marketers who coordinate luncheon activities at which prospective residents are courted. That's an opportunity to get a better feel for the attitude of the staff and the residents.

We attended a so-called Veteran's Day celebration at a local AL. I never saw so many miserable people, despite the beauty of the surroundings. People in rehab were even happier than the dour-faced, depressed appearing residents at this AL.

We were invited to a complimentary luncheon, which was more akin to something Martha Stewart would have prepared than a good old meat and potatoes meal. Creamed artichokes or whatever they were wasn't our style.

You might also inquire whether or not there are resident pets, what entertainment activities are planned, if there's an activity calendar, what other facilities are available (beauty salon, transportation, etc.).

But do address the legal issues of separation first as that could govern your decision as to AL. If your thoughts are that separate in necessary, it's not necessarily so. One spouse could live in AL and the other visit regularly.
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