Person named on POA removed all funds from bank $92,000, signed over their $35,000 vehicle and $30,00 to a family member and didn't pay any bills or check on the person while they were alive. Never returned purse, driver's license, credit cards, etc.

This is abuse of POA. Was there a will? If so the Executor should file fraud charges against the POA. The POA was out of bounds when it comes to responsibilities of a POA. If the car was no longer being used it needed to sell for book value and that money put in Moms acct. This is theft.
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Didn't check on the person while they were alive?

Has your mother now passed away, and you are reviewing how her affairs were managed by the person who claimed to have POA for her?

If so, you want to put all the paperwork together and take it to the police. If you're alleging fraud, theft, and elder abuse, these are potentially criminal offences.

By the way, I have to disagree that there can have been no good reason to transfer money and close accounts. There can be perfectly good, legitimate reasons to do this - but in that case, the person will be happy to explain them.
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I would think you would need to talk to a lawyer, prehaps your DA in your city.

I am sure there is someone on this forum that can help you more than I can.

However, there is/was no good reason to move the money from your mother's accts. A POA's is for your mom's bills not someone's piggy bank! But you know that!

The best of Luck to you.
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