My sibling took custody of mom a year ago, without informing the rest of siblings. During which time we have had restricted visitation and no updates. Mom is terrified of him and fears for the safety of all of her children. Recently she was allowed to stay a week with me and she has been pleading not to send her back to him, she told me about him mistreating her and spending all of her savings. She has revoked their POA but he calls with threats and keeps calling police on me for kidnapping. The nursing services had asked that she be placed in my home for at least 30 days because of the storms, but he is trying to take her by force anyway. All of this happening in one week. I must protect my mom, any advise.

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Hang on...get a attorney..if he has misused her funds that is all the growns you may need to have her in your home....keep documents
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Contact Dept of Children and Families to report elder abuse and see what they advise. You can also try Agency of Aging for direction. Make sure they know this is an emergency situation
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If you don’t have POA you need to get this. Then go to police and report his actions. Get a restraining order to keep him away. Contact financial institutions to make sure they are aware hs POA has been revoked.
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