My in-laws have a joint checking that's in a trust. I'm not in there trust. What is the easiest and legal way to be put on there checking? He wants me to handle his bills.

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You can handle the bills, make out the checks and just have him sign them. Putting you on the Trust would involve hiring a lawyer and spending a lot of money unnecessarily and have some tax implications.
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You've asked in your profile page about being sued and whether "they" can access your parents' checking account. Who is "they", and what are the concerns about being sued? Do you have debts that are in default?

If I understand the situation, you already have access to your parent's checking account, presumably by some joint relationship. "He", meaning I assume your FIL, now wants you to be named on a checking account that is titled in the name of his and his wife's Trust?

I think the first thing to do is address the question of why you think you might be sued. You could expose both checking accounts to debts and obligations that are not theirs.

Another issue is your statement that you're "not in their trust." What do you mean? You're not named as a Successor Trustee? You're not an heir?

More explanations would help to provide better answers.
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