I wanna know how much a live in caregiver should be paid room & board

We buy our own food, company car we use it but we pay for gas.

I work 5 days of 7 and two days off I work at 6am to 6 am next day untill my two days off come. There’s 2 of us who work we take care of 4 residents 2 of them have dementia. One on hospice the other just getting old.

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Are you working legally? I am in Arizona and I see this all the time with people that are here illegally, for whatever reason, no judgment, just trying to help.

I ask because your employer is violating a truck load of labor laws.

You should go to the labor board and get a copy of your rights as an employee.

However, if you are not properly documented you could be facing deportation. This kind of exploitation is why it is so important to become legal, you loose rights because you are breaking the law and that leaves you vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Will you share your status?
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In BC Canada this would be illegal.

If I am reading your posts correctly:

Caregiver A works Monday 6 am until Sat 6 am, has Sat 6 am until Monday 6 am off
Caregiver 2 works Sat 6 am until Thursday 6 am, has Thursday 6 am to Sat 6 am off.

So there are two of you working from 6 am Monday until 6 am Thursday and Thursday through Monday morning there is only one of you working? Now I know the days will be different, but I was trying to sort out your posts.

If you were only working 40 hours a week, at $800 per month you are being paid $5/hr. At 120 hours a week you are being paid $1.67 an hour. This is about double what inmates in Arizona jails earn, but basically slave wages.
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In Arizona I’m a live in cargiver I work 5 days and have two days off and also I don’t leave the home because I don’t drive we sometimes get some sleep even tho we’re live in caregivers there is no wake staff but also when the resident page we have to go aid no matter what either way one of us is always there no matter what the owner rarely comes in so does the manager we both caregivers pretty much run the home we know what to do and trained for it. If one of us is sick no they don’t cover for us
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ashlander, you work 120 hours per week? Am I reading that correctly? I would think State law regarding caregivers would prohibit that kind of work load arrangement.

Your hourly wage would be whatever is the going rate for your area. It can greatly vary from small cities to huge metro areas.

Does the owner come in to help if one of you is out sick or has to deal with family issues, or for going to your own doctor appointments, etc?
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ashlander17 Apr 2019
so here is the break down we have 4 residents one is on hospice brings in 1600 another on mercy care long care brings in 170 and two private residents one brings in 3200 the other 3500 we get paid 400 on the 15 and on the 30 every month that’s 800 together
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