How much is too much?


My mom is 86. Has cardiovascular myopathy, 4 coronary stents and a pacemaker that is keeping her alive. She recently had hernia surgery and also fell and broke her wrist. She is receiving OT for the fracture and has been having PT for strength and balance.
She has had slight discomfort in the hernia site and has had cardiac symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, cold sweats etc, after PT. They are aware of her medical condition but insist that it will benefit her.
Is all this causing undue stress that can lead to a problem. I think it's over done and am thinking if discontinuing the PT.
Any advice or similar situations out there? Thanks

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I do not understand the statement of the doctor that he says that PT is imperative. I was only 61 when I had back surgery, and because of the bad condition of my back the surgeon never ordered me PT. After a couple of months, I asked him if I could not do some supervised PT in the hospital, because my muscles were getting weaker and weaker and I know that when the back muscles are not sufficient you suffer more back pain. He doubted very much that I would be able to do that, but anyway I got a prescription to go to the PT specialist. He first consulted my file, and said he did not believe that PT would help me on the contrary. Anyhow, I wanted to try it. After about 20 mins, I was a total wreck, difficulties breathing etc. And I have a heart in 100 % sound condition. So the PT specialist said : Stop and don't come back. It is better to leave it this way, than getting more / other difficulties. So in case of your mom, at 86 years, I would certainly get the professional opinion of another heart specialist and a geriatric specialist, instead of continuing the PT. Even the stress your mom will have each time before she starts the PT can be enough to cause heart problems. Never believe a doctor, when you don't feel good with his advise and go further for more information, other opinions, etc.. Wish you good luck and hope your mom will have a comfy life without her PT. Big hug from Belgium (Europe)
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Gosh I do not have any experience with my mom in those areas (she is pretty healthy, just frail). But it sounds like you have alarm bells going off in your head--you are noticing troubling symptoms after the time when the PT is not there. Have you discussed these symptoms with the ordering doctor? Maybe consider a 2nd opinion. The heart is a muscle and does need exercise, so I do think even a diseased heart would need exercise, but maybe the current PT is too much. Get a professional opinion from someone other than the PT.
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