Is there a limit to how many times one can call 911 for help? I called twice in two months. My husband keeps falling. He has Lewy body dementia. I lift him many times, but I am afraid to hurt my back. he weights 137 and I weight 120. Thanks

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It would be nice if there was simply a service that charged a reasonable fee if all they have to do is help someone off the floor--however, the ensuing legal ramifications such a service would be so awful---no one would do it.

We have several firefighters/EMT's in our neighborhood and they will always come running to check out a 'fall'. If they feel it's more than a tumble, they'll call it in.

It does seem ridiculous to call 911 b/c you can't lift your hubby off the floor--perhaps some PT for YOU so you can help HIM to lift himself w/o breaking your old client loved how strong I was, but lifting her in and out of the car was brutal. I had her PT show us both some simple movements to help me help her and vice versa. Simple tricks I wouldn't have thought of on my own.
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I think this should be a question for your local Ambulance Co.
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You can ask 911 if there is a non emergency number for fall lifts. My dad lived in a rural area and fell frequently (without injury). My stepmom did call 911 but indicated that they needed a non-emergency lift. Sometimes in was the fire dept and sometimes the police, and sometimes a long wait - but he was helped. I think they called several times a month
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AlvaDeer Jul 2, 2019
What a great idea. I wonder if a call to or a stop by the local fire department, our first responders to 9ll, would help.
Something my aunt told me when my uncle needed to go to the ER via ambulance - do not move the person or if the person is able to walk, do not let them walk out to the ambulance.  There is a higher charge if the patient is mobile.  I don't know all the details but that's what she experienced with him.
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You can call as often as needed, a fall is a legit reason to call 911. If you are worried, you might ask the fire department or paramedics if there is a non-emergency number you could call, if all you need is someone to lift your husband up.
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Martha007 Jul 3, 2019
Thank you, for your suggestions. I will check with the fire Dept.

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