How long does it take for Medicaid to kick in when you’ve been admitted to a NH?


My mom has had Medicare/Medicaid for the last 20 years.
She’s 83.
She was initially sent to rehab for PT after she had fell (her 3rd time) @ home.
After a month of no progress, doctor examined her & said she wouldn’t be able to go back home in her condition & would require 24hr skilled care.
So they moved her to the NH part of the facility.
She is unaware that she is now living in the nh for good w/no prospect of returning home.
I’m her POA so I had to deal w/admissions & when the administrator spoke to me last month she explained how Social Security would be going to the NH & leave my mom w/$30 a month in her checking account.
My mom gets a total of $770 a month Social Security & SSI.
In the meantime I’ve had to pay my mom’s bills (for her house, gas, electric, homeowners insurance, etc) w/her money & by the end of the month I know her property taxes will be due & their going to be around $1000.
So far my mom’s checking balance is what it would be nonrally after paying her bills, however I’m concerned w/when Medicaid will start taking her $ because then I won’t be able to pay any more of her bills & then she’s going to be in trouble by not paying & plus not paying the prop tax will be really bad.
My mom does NOT know at this point that the house is going to need to be sold.
She still thinks she’s going to “get stronger” to be able to go back home..
She has breast cancer, dementia (just starting according to the psych doc) and a bunch of other things (osteoporosis, spinal degeneration) that are causing her too much pain to be able to walk by herself.



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Rocketjcat & BarbBrooklyn I’ve decided to NOT tell my mom what’s going on w/her house.
I’m just going to continue “telling fibs” as long as I can or until I’m backed into a corner & she comes out w/the question “did they take my house yet?”..
I’ve thought about how very hard this whole ordeal has been for my mom, the anxiety it has & is causing her, her declining health has taken a rapid turn & I agree it would serve no other purpose to tell her she’s not going “back home” then to be mean & cause her extreme worry.
So I won’t do that.
I’m really not lookin forward to dealing w/the RM bank either..
Even when I do get the doctors letter, to tell the honest truth, I’m totally exhausted at this point (physically) getting all the stuff cleared out of my mom’s house & I’m still not 1/2 way finished.
I’m only concentrating on what else I can sell & what personal items I need to get out of there and/or destroy (banking statements, IRS returns from the past, etc) so I’m not really concerned w/the RM.
When & if I do get everything cleared out, and if THEY contact me sometime in the near future, I’ll respond then..
There’s really not much they can do to me legally anyway is there?
It’s not like they can withhold any profit from the sale of the house because there is none.
So they can coordinate what needs to be done w/out my participation.
I guess they would need to get the house keys from me to enter or maybe they’d get the police to break down the door??
I don’t know.
Can they (legally) force me to have anything to do w/them on my mom’s behalf??
I don’t know & @ this point, I don’t really care.
I’m too damn tired to care.
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Hanging, I’ve never dealt with hospice nurses, so I don’t know if this is some sort of psychological purging they recommend? My Mom is on a version of hospice through her NH but it’s the same staff she always had. They wouldn’t say anything about finances. Their and my goal is all about keeping her happy:
How’s so and so. Good! Not.
Are the grandkids doing well? Yes! Not.
How can I afford this nice place? SS and your pension. Not.
What is this bump on my face? Pimple. Not.
I even get her out of the room when the recreation people start reading the newspaper and obituaries (!?) to everyone.
She wants everybody to be happy, so telling Mom the truth about some things would make her worry and she’s be upset. To me it would just be mean and serve no positive purpose. If you are seriously concerned about her health after hearing the news, I would think hard before telling her.
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Rocketjcat & BarbBrooklyn I’ve been told by everyone of the nursing staff that my mom NEEDS & SHOULD be told about her house..
I’ve been putting it off & having to lie, lie, lie about everything related to that..
When I bring my mom candy (she’s asked for chocolates since Valentine’s Day & Easter) so I bring them to her, but she doesn’t eat it all so she tells me “put the chocolate bunnies in the freezer for me & I’ll eat it when I get home”.
Or she keeps asking me to bring her checkbook so she can write a check to the landscaper that cuts the grass.
She’s constantly asking if her property tax bill came yet because she’s worried that needs to get paid soon...
I’m so stressed out by having to constantly lie to her about the house, but at the same time I know that’s all she’s got left to hold onto her old life.
Yes she was living there alone, but she keeps saying “that’s my life, all my memories, my keepsakes, my things are there”..little does she know I’ve sold the fridge, microwave, dining room table, most of the small kitchen appliances are gone.
I’m still gathering up all our family photos, trying to get her vintage clothing to a consignment store.
So much work I’ve been doing so I’ve been going to her house almost every night to get this all done, then I go see her at 9pm, sometimes later.
They’re all saying “she needs to know”.
One orderly who I spoke to has his mom there, he keeps telling me how he & his brother are POA for their mom (his brother is for finances, he is for health) & how they told her house needed to be sold & her Social security would be paid back to the NH as part of her Medicaid payment..
His mom IS blind tho’, so she was actually more receptive to living there in the NH because she’s not alone...whereas when she was living in her house, she was so worried about her failing eyesight & did’nt have anyone there to help her..
I understand the question/comment about telling a terminal woman who has dementia that she’s not going to have her house anymore & how shall I handle it but I’m not expecting her to really tell me what to do, I’m just relaying what the hospice nurse said I should say to my mom..
My mom is constantly telling me “I don’t belong here, I’m gonna get stronger & go back to the house”.
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Hanging, what I think is that it makes NO sense to ask a dying person with dementia and brain metastases what they want to do about anything more complicated than food and sleep. Get the letter of incompetency from the doc and fax it to the RM company. Tell whatever therapeutic fibs you need to to your mom.

I'm so sorry she's so ill, but hospice is the right choice right now.
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Hanging, sorry you’re going through this. But instead of wondering how to tell your Mom about the finances and the house, I am going to put it another way... You’re afraid she has a “heart attack” upon hearing the news, you’re already the POA but need confirmation in writing that she can’t make decisions anymore, but will ask her what she wants you to do? Do you think she can give you logical advise? I’m just not seeing the upside of telling her at all. Is there some reason that she has to know? Just a thought.
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Hi Hangingon, I don’t have too much advice but just want to send a hug. It sounds like the palliative care nurse is giving thoughtful advice. It makes a lot of sense to address it that way. (I’m not sure if the NH nurses would initiate discussion of that topic with your mom, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.) Regardless of who brings it up to her, having the nurse(s) there for extra support and medical attention makes sense. I’m so sorry you even have to tell your mom about this.

I’m also very sorry about her declining health and her pain. You have really stood by her and despite how upset she is, she must know that you love her. I hope you are doing ok.
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So I get a call from the palliative nurse who visited my mom yesterday in he NH & she told me that my mom seemed “more confused” since her visit last month.
My mom told the nurse, “it’s becasue I’m tired & just woke up”.. but the nurse saw her around 12pm & she had already eaten lunch then drifted off to sleep a little bit woke up when the nurse cane.
My mom has been diagnosed w/dementia a few months ago by the NH psychiatrist & she did ask me if my mom was still not getting any treatment for her cancer & I told her she hasn’t.
But she is in very bad pain from her osteoporosis & her spinal degeneration but refuses to take any pain Meds because she says she’s sensitive to side effects..
The ONLY meds she IS taking is the lasix for the swelling in her legs.
The nurse said it’s highly likely that the cancer has metastasized to other parts of mom’s body & is causing the pain.
They did find modules in her brain drying an MRI they took last time she fell & also growths in her lungs bedsides the tumor above her breast.
Both her legs are swollen like an elephant & are rock hard.’she is not walking at all.
Only goes from the bed to the wheelchair, stays up for a few hours, then back to bed to lie down.
The nurse said she would like to administer my mom a pain med, but in the form of a patch.
It is an opioid but very efffective pain reliever (I think she said it was fentinyl)??
& I told her to go ahead with it.
I also agreed to start the hospice because this way my mom will get 2-3 doctor/nursing visits a week to help her instead of just one monthly that’s she’s getting now.
My mom keeps saying “they took my life away from me you know that?”.
I asked her “what do you mean”.
She goes “this place, they’re no doctors here, this isn’t a hospital”..
I said yes, “you have seen a doctor, 2 doctors”,
 but my mom says “they don’t know what they’re doing”.
Up until yesterday my mom has always turned down the hospice.
I’m her poa now so I’m going to ok that.
I also discussed the fact that in order for me to represent my mom to her reverse mortgage bank they wanted a doctors letter stating that my mom can’t make decisions anymore.
I told the nurse that when I spoke to the NH administration, they told me “we can’t do that”, meaning they wouldn’t ask the doctor who diagnosed mom to write that letter.
The palli nurse told me that SHE will approach the doctor herself & get the letter written for me to give to RM.
Once that’s in place, I don’t know what’s gonna happen w/the rm bank since I haven’t notified them that mom is no longer living in the house..
I assume mom’s homeowners insurance company did notify them to tell them mom’s homeowners Insurance was cancelled (i called & cancelled it after giving them Poa info)
so they (RM) may know somethings up now.
Most importantly I asked the nurse how do I approach the subject to my mom that the house is no longer going to be hers & the rm Bank is going to take it.. because as you all may know, I haven’t told my mom yet.
Everyday I go to see her I’m having to lie to her about bills being paid, property taxes, etc & when I tell her that they haven’t been paid because her money is been going to pay the NH she may have a heart attack right there on the spot.
The nurse told me what I should say..
She said tell her..
“ mom you know you have the reverse mortgage on the house right?”...
And my mom will say “yeah”.
I then say, “well, the loan is due now, & they want the house sold to be paid back, so what do you want me to do?”..

The nurse said it’s all about how you phrase the question or information to take the blame off of ME, because I told her my mom is going to BLAME ME for all of this..

I’m glad to get this encouragement from the nurse but I have to disagree w/her as far as when I tell my mom this, the way she says I should..
Nurse says she thinks w/mom’s beginning dementia that she may not remember what she’s told today, tomorrow..
Or just little pieces etc..
I disagree but I sill am
Going to follow her advice when I do tell mom.
But I know my mom is still going to freak.. may even cause her to have a heart attack right there because she still keeps saying “I’m praying to God so much that he makes me well & strong enough so I can leave here & go back home to my own house”..
The NH is planning on a care plan conference for my mom on 7/10 which we do over the phone.
I was thinking maybe I should ask THEM to bring that up during the conference so ALL the nurses will be there w/my mom in case something happens when she hears the news..
What do you all think??
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I’m not dealing w/the RM at all.
So I guess after they calling my mom’s house & see that her phones been disconnected the only other contact is me.
Will they call me, or send a letter to my mom’s house??
We shall see.
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Shad250 I understand that will happen, but it won’t ever get paid or be current then since there’s no extra money to pay from.
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NH will charge interest on the past due balance if it is listed in the contract.
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