My best friend of 40 years has a diagnosis of dementia. We have been sharing bills, food ,rent vacations ect. poa has takenover and wants every thing split. cgarge cards in her name and mine have been used by both of us. I have been paying more and sometimes double the min. payment.i have opened my own checking acct, because her poa has taken her social security check out along with 351$for my federal tax. account will be over drawn. I have worked as an in home health care for a long time. not in the last 2 wks to stay with her. dept. of aging is taking their time telling me if I can get pd for staying home. her poa insists I pay half out of nothing the money I have will pay my other taxes and chg, cards I feel she is being un fair. I am told to see a lawyer just to cover myself. HELP

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From a legal standpoint, the funds should be separated. No, you will not get paid by the health department or by Medicare, but your agency could look to pick up her care contract. Tell the POA you insist on payment for her care at an hourly rate for hours worked. Cancel all the joint credit cards. If she needs Medicaid having combined funds is a real nightmare and could jeopardize her eligibility for a Nursing Home coverage.
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