My mother is 85 years old and after years of mini strokes and now dementia she is unable to commuicate, move in anyway. We have a nurse currently for a few hours a day that changes , bathes and feeds her. But this wasn't enough and we can't afford to pay someone for 24 hour we are thinking nursing home.

My mother's social security from my father is $1100 a month. She does have some money in a savings account but nothing that will last more then 6 months. The house we all live in has 5 people on the deed (including me).

So we want to approach some nursing homes but are afraid that if they take her social security and her savings account they will want some of the house and want us to pay for services which we can't afford.

Can you tell me what happens financially if we can get her into a home?

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Spend some of Moms savings and go to an elder care lawyer who can sort out the house situation and how/when to apply for a nursing home and Medicaid. Start visiting local nursing homes so you have an idea of which ones you like, and see if there’s openings. Rate them in order of your preference so you’re ready when openings occur.
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The house situation is 20 Years ago my parents,brother and I all bought one home so we are all on the deed. We still live in this home.
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How did the home come to be owned by five people and when? Mom's savings need to be spent down to make her Medicaid eligible. Her social security will also go towards the cost of her care. Do not touch mom's savings as this will terribly complicate her qualifying for Medicaid. Only justifiable use of those funds are for advice from an elder law attorney for mom's benefit, other mom needs and payment to facility.
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If your mom has limited resources, you may need to apply for Medicaid to fund NH care for her.

A very good use of her funds right now is visiting a certified Eldercare attorney who can explain the ins and outs of Medicaid to you.

The nursing home is not going to " take" her home. Medicaid will place a lien on it. There's a big difference.

It sounds as though this is a complex home-owning situation. Consult a .lawyer who is certified in eldercare.
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