Mom has started seeing things written on almost everything. I've learned not to try to convince her there's nothing there, but sometimes she starts to get worked up about something she "reads." Does anyone have any idea why this happens? It seems that things she thinks or are in her subconscious somehow get translated to words written on everything from the TV to her ottoman. If this happens to your loved one, how do you handle it?

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Mom was seeing things when she went to bed each night. She would tell me about them and I would listen and ask her if it frightened her. She said no for quite awhile but suddenly she had a hallucination that was menacing and frightened her. Dr. put her on a very low dose of Abilify and it seems the visions have disappeared.
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I found with Mom TV, dreams and reality are all one and the same, She was watching an old Rescue episode one day where there was a bombing and fire. She thought it was real and our house was on fire. I told her its just the show you are watching, she said OK. She saw a little girl a lot but she disappeared when I came in the room. Her dr said not to worry about the hallucinations unless they became frequent and upset her. If this happens there are meds.
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All I know is the brain and eyes don’t communicate properly anymore. How absolutely confounding and sometimes terrifying that must be!
My dad often sees people,animals and bugs... no writing. For quite a while he was seeing little people in the water cooler!
I usually acknowledge he is seeing them, then redirect him with something similar “ I’ve always liked that stand the water jug is on...where did you get it again? I forgot” or, “I can’t see the dog, but I saw the cutest puppy the other day, I think it was a dachshund. Didnt you own a dachshund?” (Knowing full well he did)
maybe you could try the same thing; “ I’ve always liked that ottoman.” And start talking along those lines while casually walking to another area to see if she redirects?? Or if it’s re: the t.v. Acknowledge and start talking so maybe another subject will arise?
unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast...
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