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It's best when you know what behavior is coming next. has lots of great information about Alzheimer's and dementias and what behaviors are common at what stages. (Alzheimer's has 7 stages). There is great info here too and caregivers, like you, have lots of info and answers.

Your wife is very young to have Alzheimer's. I'm sorry this rotten disease is changing your retirement plans.

Be sure to take a break from being her caregiver. Are there family, friends and/or neighbors you could have stay with her when you need to have your own appointments?
You've got to stay healthy and that means not neglecting yourself.

Her responses sound par for the course. I agree with freqflyer, just go along with the delusions. It doesn't work to explain reality because they aren't IN reality.

Good luck and God bless.
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Check out for more help
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Mike, I see from your profile that your wife has Alzheime's/Dementia, and depending on what stage is your wife is in, what you are hearing from her is not uncommon. Best way to deal with this is to play along with what she says, and try to distract her to another subject. Like, if she feels someone is going to steal her stuff, tell her you will get house alarms so no one will come in. As for the broken bones, just ask her if she hurts.
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