In a child, this would be know as failure to thrive. Our mom has pretty much stopped eating. To get weight back on her, she gets two desserts. No. That did not work either. They give protein shakes to her, she may or may not consume. I think we are or may be very soon at hospice level.

Do we need to get a physician not affiliated with memory care facility?

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I am talking to DON tomorrow. Our mom so far meets 3 criteria.

And per my previous post, my father took his life. He was terminally ill which no one knew. He asked my mother, after visiting her father in hospital, not to ever hook him up to crap. She would not promise. He took his life that night. I know. Believe me. I do. I was 17.

* I grad a year early from high school. I was 17, not 18. I do know all that comes with this. Believe me, I do. I think God,if there is one, cares more about how you lived your life, than how it ended. And my father lived an admirable life.
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Sego ((((hugs))))). Talk to the DON. Ask what Hospice organizations work at the facility
. Interview more than one. Try to find a non profit one.

This did NOT happen with my mom at her NH but I've heard from other folks here than when patients went on hospice, the regular NH staff stopped giving as much care. You want to make sure that mom is getting ADDITIONAL care, not less care.

Elders can survive for a long time on very little food.
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Segoline Apr 2019
I am not going through or putting family through. Not doing. I will eat a gun or take a bunch of pills. I won't do this. I won't. Report me alk you want. I doubt I am the line ranger. This is appalling.

Barb, thank you.
Thank you. There really needs to b e an option for seniors, to opt out of this Mess.our mom has no quality of life. This is absolutely not how she would spend end days. I am not religious, but I am spiritual
I ask every night she passes away. And I don't feel guilty for it..

Thats one guilt I don't have.
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You can use the facility doctor to write an order for Hospice. Hospice will come in and evaluate.

I think there are tests that can be done for swallowing and to see if food is being digested. If the system is shutting down, you don't want to force food. Talk to the DON. I found the Nurse very honest when I asked if it was time for Hospice. My daughter, RN, also examined Mom and said it was time.

Hospice will make her comfortable and pain free.
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