How do you exercise someone who won’t walk?


My mother has Alzheimer’s/Dem and bad knees. She has not been able to straighten her back or legs so she doesn’t walk anymore without assistance. Now her legs and knees are swelling more. How can I excersize her legs and how can I keep her legs and back straight enough for her to walk upright? Has anybody dealt with this? She keeps her muscles in her back neck and knees in a constant state of forced flex. How can I get her to relax her muscles and straighten up? Has anyone used CBD oil? Lots of questions, sorry lol

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I agree. Call your doctor and ask for a PT evaluation.

Yes. CBD oil is great.
Here is a link
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Forced flex? Are you sure there isn't some parkinson's in the dementia mix?
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Consulting a physical therapist might be a good idea. Start with her doctor's office, explain to them that you'd like a PT and see if they can help you. Or better yet, take your mom to the doctor to report the swelling in her legs and discuss PT at that time with the doctor. Don't take on exercising your mom's legs on your own at this point. Get a professional opinion.
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I should try asking a physical therapist.
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