My mum has been suffering from Frontal Lobe Dementia for close to 3 years. She's currently in a nursing home: totally bed ridden (2.5 years), tube-fed (2 years) and unable to talk (1 year).

For the past month, she's been having urine retention and had been using a catheter. Just last week, the doctor had planned to trial off the catheter (as per protocol). However, she still has urine retention so they placed the tube back. Her stomach is also extremely bloated and she's drooling a lot too.

My mum had been having kidney problems for almost 10 years prior to her dementia (she's 69 year old this year).

Would anyone be able to shed some light on the urine issue? Is it caused by her kidney problems (worsened by her dementia?) Is it due to her being in the final stages of dementia?

I'm very vexed and troubled, as the doctors told me it's not advisable to send my mum for further tests to determine her kidney health as she's very frail. Hope I could get some advice here.

Thank you.

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I would research Hospice companies in your area and interview 2-3 of them.
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Hi Marcia7321,

Thanks for the advice. I'll see if I could do that.
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Can you get a consultation with a Palliative Care professional? They could help you make decisions for your mom. It is a misunderstanding of the field to think they will "help your Mom die". They can consult on any chronic illness to insure that the decisions you make are in alignment with your goals for your mom's care.

Hospice is one form of Palliative Care. But Palliative Care is not only hospice. It's used to manage chronic conditions as well as end of life care. Ask one of the doctors treating your mom if you can be referred for a consultation.
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