My grandma has lewy body dementia. My mom does not work. We are considering moving grandma into the 3rd bedroom of our apartment and caring for her ourselves. She currently lives in a nursing home and cannot move by herself. Is it legal to move her into the apartment with us?

What is your reason for wanting to move your Grandmother out of the nursing home and into your apartment? Does your Grandmother want to "die at home"? Has your Grandmother run out of money and can no longer pay for her NH bill? Is your Grandmother on Medicaid? Have you talked to Hospice about moving your Grandmother--what did they say? What type of help will Hospice be providing in the apartment? Is your apartment ADA compliant? Do you plan to hire agency caregivers to assist your Mother and you take care of your Grandmother?

You state that your Grandmother "cannot move by herself". If she is receiving Hospice, does that mean that she is in bed all of the time or does she get up in a wheelchair during the day? Can your Grandmother feed herself, propel her wheelchair, use a TV remote, use a phone, etc.

Have you thought of all of the equipment that you will need to rent or buy for your Grandmother to safely and comfortably live in your apartment, such as: a hospital bed, a commode chair, bedpan, wheelchair, etc.

We need more information as to why you and your Mom want to move your Grandmother from the Nursing Home where she is receiving HOSPICE and into your apartment so that we can offer more appropriate suggestions.
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The lease doesn't say anything. I was going to ask the landlord tomorrow. It is a first floor apartment. We know she would need a lift and she has been on hospice for over a year now.
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It depends on your lease. Have you considered all the help she will need, like a lift? Is she eligible for hospice help? There are a lot of things to consider, but the landlord can tell you if moving her in is legal. It was not legal in my parents' high-rise for elderly.
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