Should you keep telling your spouse they better not run off again after they left your home and you did not know where they were? I had to call police because I was so worried.

Thank you for replying. Doors are now secured.
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"Dementia" is a brain disorder, and as such, means you cannot reason with a person or 'keep telling' him anything and expect him to remember it. It's up to YOU to keep your home safe so that he cannot escape and roam the streets, IF you expect to keep him home for the duration and out of a Memory Care Assisted Living home. You can install locks on your exterior doors (the ones leading to outside) that are high enough up the molding that he cannot reach them. Your husband will have to be monitored 24/7 and you'll have to make sure you know where he's at at all times. Are you up to that task, because it's a LOT. Dementia is no joke, and normally reaches a point where in-home care becomes impossible. They can get to cooking on the stove and burn the house down, or they can get into chemicals under the sink and kill themselves from mixing them together & inhaling the fumes, etc.

If you want to care for DH at home, please educate yourself about dementia by going to and reading all about it and what to expect. Teepa Snow also has some excellent videos on YouTube you should watch to glean some tips about how to care for someone with this affliction. Speak to his doctor at length about tools he can suggest for you including local support groups.

Here is a link to a chart which explains the stages of dementia & what to expect in each:

Now is a good time to start looking into Memory Care homes for DH so you can move him there if the time comes when he gets to be too much for you to handle at home.

Wishing you the best of luck moving forward.
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It sounds like it is too late to just tell her. Her mind is broken. She will soon get hurt. You need to get out of denial and start being proactive by setting locks indoors. Try to attend some Alzheimer support groups to both get some insight on what to expect and pick up some great suggestions
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