She has confusion on daily basis and is no longer safe where she is living. She talked the bus driver who takes the residents who she lives with to Walmart to leave her there yesterday and have my sister take her home who was working there. She had to clock out and take her home. The same day the bus driver lost two ladys at the shopping mall. My mother also went shopping both times without her ID or money or credit cards. She gets very angry and then will be nice in a couple of hours. Her mood changes by the hour. We pay someone to help with the insulin and she takes her own meds we are not sure she takes them right or at all. How do we put her in a safer place? I took her to see where we want to move her so she could see it and she just kept saying we can not make her move she will not do it. She will call the police. We have a POA but I am not sure that is not enough.

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No one wants to leave their home and go to "an old folk's home" - but if your mom can no longer safely live on her own, then put your mind at ease: you've made the right decision. Of course, convincing her that's it the right move is the hard part!

Our elder care expert wrote a great article on how to convince an elderly parent that its time for assisted living. Here's the link - I hope it helps!
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