My 83 yr old grandfather is driving around in a car my father gave to him, wrecked it several times into what who knows. Found out he has taken out a title loan on it and another loan. He has been seeing a woman in her early 20's and giving her his SS check along with his medication. No bills are being paid and he has VERY noticeable weight loss from having no $ to buy food. I am the oldest grandchild and the children and grandchildren are calling me telling me to do something about all of this. They all live very near him and I am an hour and a half away. I do feel as do they that myself and my father are the only ones that have enough knowledge to make his decisions. He has called 911 several times but hospital can't find anything wrong. We found out these girls (crack heads as the family calls them) only come around on the fist of the month to get pills/money and "break up" with him and he calls 911 and then they start to call again when it's close to the first of the month. This all started when my grandmother passed away. The whole family is so upset! Not to mention I have an aunt living with him who is mentally unstable with no income and she has no children. I just do not know what to do. They only rent the house so there is nothing to do but manage finances to see they are taken care of. Also, he is of sound mind except that we all think he's gone nuts!!

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He is not of sound mind, please realize that. You either want full Guardian status, which means hiring a lawyer and going to court, or you call Social Services to check on both him and the aunt to get them both moved to a safe place.
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