My mom is 84 years old with the beginning of dementia.

We started double sheeting just to make it a little easier. So she has a waterproof mattress cover followed by a reusable bed pad (bed chuck), bottom sheet, another reusable bed pad, bottom sheet and pad, then top sheet and blanket. This way if she leaks through the nighttime Depend we can just pull off that first bottom sheet and pad and the next one is dry and fresh no need to actually make the bed again, we are just partially stripping it. I find sometimes she wriggles around so much or spends enough time in and out of bed sometimes that the top bed chuck/pad gets moved around and isn't under her in the right place so the one under the sheet then does the job and when we take the top set of bottom sheet, chuck we can take that next one as well and there is still one under the next bottom sheet. Hope that made sense...

The other thing to check out is either a different size or a different brand of nighttime incontinence underwear, that made a big difference for mom. Every body is different and if they don't fit just right you get leaks. In the hospital they put a pad inside the underwear, so double up but this didn't work for us, it still might for you though. Also if possible start holding liquids a couple hours before bed and make sure she uses the toilet whether she feels the need or not as close to going to sleep for the night as possible. This isn't always practical for us because our struggle is getting mom to drink enough fluids throughput the day and since she tends to put it off she rarely has her basic minimum met by 7-8pm and it's more important we get those fluids in even late then it is prevent the wet bed... Good luck!
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Some brands of incontinence products are better than others, this is a topic that comes up on AgingCare very often, you might find something helpful by reading Adult Diapers section under Care Topics (top of the page) or use the site search (magnifying glass beside your avatar) and type in "most absorbent".
And I liked the washable bed pads much better than disposables, I saved those for bowel dysfunction days.
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