How do I initiate financial power of attorney when dad needs to turn over his check book but refuses?

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Lkjones, what are the reasons that Dad cannot have his checkbook? If he is late on paying bills or throwing away bills like my own Dad did, as you already know it is important to take over control of the finances. It is not easy, as the elder feels he is losing more of his independence.

One can use "therapeutic fibs" in this case, like telling Dad to save on taxes it is better that you name and his name are both on the checks, and have the checks mailed to your house. Whether Dad will go to the bank with you to do this might be another story.

Then start gathering up the bills and make similar change of addresses. Then keep copies of every bill making a copy of the check onto the bill and place into a 3-ring binder, before mailing out the bill. I wouldn't go automatic payment until you know for sure that Dad is unable to mess with the account and draining it.

If it become the war of the words and Dad still refuses.... is there another relative or friend who can be on your side to tell Dad? In some households the fathers believe only the sons or a male relative can handle money :P
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