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ginad, the vast majority of adult children do not get paid for being their parent's caregiver.... unless the parent can pay from their own retirement account.

Now, if your parent can qualify for Medicaid, ask if the State has a program to pay you to be her caregiver. Not all States do this. If your State does, that is great, but note that the pay will be very minimal with zero benefits. You might need to take caregiving classes as caregiving an elder is a whole different ballgame.
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It is what I want I've lost so much income already from going to doctors apt, calling out of work to stay with her in hospital so forth. Im planning to be her care taker when when get discharge from hospital I want to just make sure I can receive compensation for caring for her, because I have children of I own I need to support. A social worker told be that I can not be her POA and caretaker, Which I think is dumb please I'm only her Healthcare POA not Financial
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I live in NJ and get the Philly channels. They are always advertising agencies that train people to be caregivers to loved ones or friends and get paid. Check with your local Office of the Aging and see if they can point you in the right direction. Or even Medicaid. Your Mom may qualify for help from them. Just understand, POA does not mean you "have" to care for a loved one. It just gives you the ability to pay bills, sell a car or a house and cash in insurances, shares. The medical helps with talking to doctors, nurses and to carry out Mom's decisions on what she wants, not what you want.
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