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Medicaid pays for in-home caregiving in most states, it usually pays minimum wage or a little more. Your husband would have to go through an evaluation and they would determine how many hours of caregiving he’s eligible for. It may or may not be full time hours, it will be 20-40 most likely.
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The simple answer is, you probably can’t. I’ve never read a post here from anyone who said they’re being paid enough to live on while caregiving. Each state is different, but none pay much more than $40 a week. When I asked about being paid, the online app I filled out suggested getting a reverse mortgage on our home which to me was like cutting off my nose to spite my face. To see what your state offers, call your local Area Agency on Aging. Google it to find the phone number. They will know what the regulations and benefits are for your state. But don’t get yiur hopes up. Plus, there will be no health insurance or retirement fund for you. If he’s on Medicare or Disability yiur do better to hire a caregiver.
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worriedinCali Aug 17, 2018
states that have in-home support services pay an hourly wage that is at or above minimum wage. Caregivers get paid a lot more than $40 a week!
If he is on Medicaid, you may be able to get a waiver. Very low pay for a few hours a week. If he is a veteran you may be able to get VA assistance. There are no taxpayer funded programs to help caregivers. Check local Area Agency on Aging to see if there a local program, but not likely. Most family caregivers are pId out of family savings or they work.
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