Mom is 85, lives in a rural California desert community, and would like to move for 20 years now, but I don't have adequate time to give her the attention she really needs. My brother is in Texas and I live 1.5 hrs from her. We both help her in our own way. I visit her on average, every other weekend, but that is not enough now. She calls me daily telling me how much she needs help, but can't find it. When we had the Department of Aging visit her once and discovered that they would require that she get signed up with Medi-Cal, first, prior to providing services, we were extremely disappointed. As we understand it, Medi-cal would place a lien on her house for payment of services provided, then redeem payment during the sale of her home. This is usually after a recipient is deceased. My mother wants to sell her home and move. Another lien would be out of the question. She also hated the many details of her finances that these forms required. DO YOU KNOW OF PAY AS YOU GO KIND OF HELP THAT WOULD NOT INVOLVE ANY GOVERNMENT PROGRAM?

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