like meds and right meals and to help in between family members helping?

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What is your parents' financial situation? As with so many other things in life, what you can have depends on what you can afford. Another consideration is where they live, Services available in a metro area might not be as available in a rural setting.

If your parents have limited income and assets, they may qualify for financial assistance for some in-home care. To look into this, call Social Services in their county. They can give you information not only about the services available from the county but also other resources in their area.

As an example, my 92-year-old mother, severe arthristis and mild cognitive problems, lives in subsidized housing in a city and has only a small SS check and no assets. She receives Meals on Wheels, her meds for a very low co-pay, a nurse to set up her meds weekly and take her vitals and trim her toenails as needed, and a homemaker to clean and do laundry each week. She's gotten a walker, a wheelchair, and a lift recliner. I'm not sure that all these services would be enough to allow her to live on her own, but with the help of her children she gets by OK. Additional services that would be available if she needs it include help with showering. If the time ever comes that she needs to move into a skilled nursing facility she is alredy qualified financially.

If your parents have assets/income to afford private-pay help then they have more options.

I hope this helps. Good luck!
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